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Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc
Land Housing Bread Clothing Education Equality and Justice |

ORGANIZATIONAL HISTORY: Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc – 501 (c)(3) was established in 2006 by individuals assisting people in time of need.


In September 2019, we expanded our services by opening Guardianship Services of Kentucky in Elizabethtown, KY


Our pillar is assisting people to acquire a better quality of living through land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, and peace. We are a "bread and water" ministry.


Integrity, Empowerment, Innovation, Collaboration, Social Responsibility/Stewardship, and Excellence.



To enhance

“Citizens Reaching for Equality”



40+ acre development North/East of Radcliff and an arm of the facility is located in other states.

 All areas are accessible to disabled individuals.

Corporate Headquarters will consist of:

Administrative Offices

  • Banquet Room
  • Classrooms
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Conference Area
  • Computer Center
  • Formal Greeting Area
  • Security Stations
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