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Land, Housing, Bread, Clothing, Education, Equality and Justice

Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc

Where Southern Hospitality is Tradition

Our Belief

We believe in meaningful and purposeful activities that will encourage continued growth and build bridges for a successful 

re-integration into family and community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community residential living to assist individuals with activities of daily living in a 

respectful and dignified manner because we have created such a beautiful home like setting. 

Our Values

Our individual’s independence and dignity are not only preserved it is enhanced!

We create a home where individuals do not just live, they flourish. A home like residence that encourages independency and responsibility through supportive services in an ideal environment for restorative living. 

 With 40years of experience, we know that we can provide individuals with what they want and need.

Restorative living in Elizabethtown, KY invites you to become a part of our family. 

 We take special pride in being a community residence that creates a true feeling of worth and family.

Please come by for a visit and see for yourself what happens when you combine love with a quiet country charm. 

“Recovery to Build a Successful Community”